Writing and Madness: Literature/Philosophy/Psychoanalysis (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics (Stanford, Calif.) ) - Shoshana Felman, Martha Noel Evans, Martha Evans I have very divided opinions about this book. Firstly, I suspect that the English translation is problematic. Felman's language can be convoluted and frustrating. I'd also recommend a knowledge of Foucault, Derrida, Lacan, and Freud before attempting to read this book - some of which I did not have. There are some particularly batty sections - the long chapter on The Turn of the Screw stands out, with its Freudian eroticisation of various plot elements I'm fairly sure James intended to be innocuous even at the subconscious level. But, for those interested in the theory and philosophy of madness, and the relationship between psychoanalysis and literature, I strongly recommend the chapter on Foucault/Derrida, and the interview between Felman and Philippe Sollers which concludes the volume. The studies are occasionally interesting but not essential. Approach the Lacan chapter at your peril.