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Currently reading

Landscape And Memory
Simon Schama
The Complete Tales and Poems
Edgar Allan Poe
Wyrd Sisters
Terry Pratchett, Celia Imrie
Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason
Michel Foucault, Richard Howard
Catherine Feher-Elston, Lawrence Ormsby
Learning Teaching: A Guidebook For English Language Teachers
Jim Scrivener
The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time, #12; A Memory of Light, #1)
Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson
The Perception of the Environment: Essays on Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill
Tim Ingold
History: The Definitive Visual Guide (From The Dawn of Civilization To The Present Day)
Adam Hart-Davis
Bedlam: London and Its Mad
Catharine Arnold